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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

My BRIGHT Classroom Tour

You know what is sad? Super-duper-can't-believe-I'm-saying-this-kind-of-sad? I worked countless hours in my classroom over the summer preparing it for my Kindergartners... and have been down-right too BUSY to share it with my followers! That is what I call a crying shame. So, here it is, beginning of November (over three-months into school for me) and I'm just now getting around to it. I call that Kindergarten Teacher priorities.

So, here it is, a little too-late.. My fortress. My happy place. My home-away-from-home. My ( depending on the moon phases and student behavior) zoo-house. My classroom.

If you ask me the theme, as many have, I just like to make it simple and call it BRIGHT.  If I saw something bright, I threw it in there somewhere. :)

Here was a clear shot on the first day of school. Because of my deep, deep need to move things around pretty constantly, it actually looks quite different than this now. "Hello, my name is Toni and I like changing the layout of my classroom every few weeks." I know, I'm weird. Thankfully, my classroom helper shares in my strange addiction. :)

Here is one of the MOST IMPORTANT elements of my classroom. THE RULES! I plan to upload a video soon of my rule routine. This little line of posters can make or break my whole school year. This year, reviewing these guidelines is a priority routine. Nothing gets in the way of it and my kids know these rules better than any content I've ever shown them. Sounds like I'm a little crazy? Well, I'm also obsessed with classroom management. You can click HERE or on the image to see my rules on TpT. :)


I love my Whimsy Clips! I wanted to make my room more multi-cultural and these kids did the trick! 


My back wall is a mural and it is huge. And time consuming. Imagine me, locked in my classroom all summer, stenciling this baby on the wall. You were probably resting and enjoying some sweet peace while I was doing all of this. Who is the real winner here? You! hehe.Those are my favorite alphabet posters ever hanging up there. I went through quite a few sets before I finally learned to make my own! You can find a whole blog post about how they changed the Letter/Sound fluency in my classroom. Look right HERE and you can watch a nifty little VIDEO. You can also click on the image below. 

 As if my classroom couldn't get any brighter, I went all crazy with the AstroBrights and made this sight-word data wall. Remind me and I'll give you my whole system for Rainbow Words sometime soon. It was a summer project and it has saved me hours of time this year. P.S. MY KIDS LOVE RAINBOW WORDS! 

Here is a calendar shot from back in September. Yes, this too has changed but some components are still the same. The number posters up at the top have been a real game-changer for my little struggling learners during Math time. The picture and ten-frame combo help them locate numbers easier and apply it to their work. You can find them HERE in my store.


Here is my newest LOVE. Math Works Daily. I promise to have it in my store ASAP. I'm just swamped for now. :( I do promise you though, it will be worth the wait!

Want to add a little color to your classroom on the CHEAP? These banners came from Wal-Mart and they are 97 cents per pack! They add a great dimension to my classroom. They also have polka-dots and other patterns. Momma loves bright-colored CHEVRON! :D :D 

And of course there is the rocking chair that I never get to sit in. Any other Kindergarten Teachers notice how little we actually get to sit down? Only during Read-Aloud and money collection for me.

Then there is the fence that I love so dearly. That the man that I love so dearly so dearly installed for his dear wife. Yep, he works for me over the summer in addition to his own job. Any of your husbands know the feeling? Teacher-husbands need their own support group or something. I love my handy-man. <3 

I'll end with this first-day morning message. I like for those to be colorful too!

I hope you have enjoyed snooping around in my classroom. That is seriously one of my favorite things to do. Call me nosy, but I love stealing ideas. :)

I'll post again soon, promise!

God bless you!

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  1. Your classroom is beautiful. I homeschool and wish I could create my space into a space like yours.